Online T-Shirt Campaigns

WHAT: We build a personal T-shirt Campaign web page for your organization so that customers can purchase your fundraising item online. (more products available)

WHY: Our pre-sale model will allow you to earn money at the end of the campaign, with no cost upfront.

HOW: We handle everything from design, printing, and shipping to the customer. When the campaign is over a check will be issued to your company or organization.

WHO: This service is excellent for Charities, Schools, Artists or Special Events.

The fundraising campaign website is absolutely free! We do everything! Simply choose your goals and campaign length. Then use social media to promote your item. At the end of the campaign we print, ship and send you a check. No risk of getting stuck with product.

See the model website

Artists, Family Reunions and others can benefit from this single product website.

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