What is the softest t-shirt in the world?

The fabric of our lives.

Having been in the garment decoration business for 30+ years, I have had to learn how to print on a plethora of different fabric types. Back in the 80’s printing on polyester and pigment dyed shirts were always tough. People gravitated to the pigment dyed shirts because they were soft and comfortable to wear. As a printer, these shirts would literally turn your hands the color of the shirt when handling them. Without good dye-blocking underbases to print with the white inks always turned dingy in the curing process. Despite this, people loved the touch, the feel of cotton.

Cotton: the fabric of our lives®

The times they are a changin’.

Fast forward to today and the situation in the garment industry has changed tremendously. Customers have more choices than ever when selecting a garment for their project. We have a responsibility to guide the customer to the best garment for their project and at the same time handing print production with shirts that will print well. At the end of the day, we need to make the customer happy whether they need a budget friendly low-end shirt or the softest cotton t-shirt in the world.

There is a new sheriff in town.

Comfort Colors® hit the scene an immediately became an overnight success. Their beach inspired color palette and smooth ringspun 100% cotton put them in the forefront of the garment embellishment industry. However, it left printers scratching their heads. Since these were pigment dyed, a lot of the colors bled into the print. Some colors worse than others. After all, with a soft shirt you want to have a print that is soft and thin and comfortable or you are defeating the purpose. Brands like Salt Life® and countless others built strong brands with these colors and soft feel.

Salt Life® from Delta Apparel®

Is this a game changer?

2019 brought a new brand of shirts into the fold. Soft Shirts®. This company has a pulled a rabbit out of the hat. These shirts are 100% ringspun cotton, a beautiful color palette and they are colored with reactive dye. The process they developed in manufacturing gives the wearer the comfort they expect and the printers a shirt that doesn’t bleed and because it is reactive dye, it can be discharged. Read more about discharge here. This is a game changer on several levels. Not only is this a super soft printable shirt, it is affordable. How can they do that? They sell direct. Genius! Did I mention these shirts are organic within a sustainable process? It’s a win for everybody.

A wide array of colors from Soft Shirt®

What this means to you.

Since All American T-shirt Co.’s focus is printing for businesses and micro brands, these shirts let you deliver an end product to your customer that is usually reserved for the bigger brands. Because they are top notch you won’t have any trouble getting a higher price point which will increase your bottom line. You will be proud to offer the softest cotton t-shirt on the planet while supporting a sustainable process. We are proud to offer them to you. And our printers are happy too.

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Mike Hoey is the Business Development Manager at All American T-shirt Co. He has 30 years of experience in garment embellishment production. He has worked for Adidas, Delta Apparel, and is a military veteran having served in the 82nd Airborne Division.